Aje Comprehensive Junior High School Initiative for HOPE

If you have read my last blog on Aje Comprehensive Junior High School, I believe you would understand what PROJECT HOPE is all about. However for the benefit of those who have not had the opportunity to read or hear about the project I humbly advise and request that you read the full details here.

Aje Comprehensive Junior High School Initiative for Hope is a project conceptualised and embarked upon buy a group of young Nigerians under the aegis of Team Adamas. The project is aimed rebuilding/renovating the dilapidated classrooms and other infrastructures in the above named school, located and neglected somewhere in the heart of Sabo in Yaba, Lagos.

As I promised in that initial blog I am happy to report the progress made so far on this project. However, I must quickly add that due to limited resources the work is yet to be fully finished but I am very enthusiastic and quite delighted to report that one of the block of classrooms is fully renovated and ready to be occupied by happy students who never thought they would learn in such an improved environment.

I want to believe some of you guys would like to know why the classrooms were built in this form. I gathered from the team that they were mandated to retain the old designs. This design is very typical of many of the schools built during the era of the former governor, Alhaji Lateef Jakande in the Second Republic. In fact they were and still are called “Jakande Schools”.

Over the last three weeks members of Team Adamas has continued to solicit for aid towards the project and also applied the funds raised and items collected to develop part of the school to what we can see in the pictures shown below.

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I want to particularly use this opportunity to first all thank every member of the team that has work, tirelessly to ensure that the students of Aje Comprehensive Junior High School have anothere experience in terms of learning. My sincere appreciation, on behalf of the team, goes to everyone who have has, in one way or the other, contributed to the success of this project. Thank you for your kindness.

While thanking you all I must also add that there is still a lot of work to be done and that we should and would not rest until this project (and perhaps other ones) is fully completed and delivered.

I believe not everyone can contribute in cash but the team would be glad to have items donated in kind. Nothing is small or too big for this project. We need Cements, bricks and other building materials to help raise the fallen classroom walls. The Walls to be built would need to be covered so we are desirous of roofing materials. The students would need to sit on proper and comfortable seats when the classrooms are eventually ready. The team would also like to give the school books and other writing materials

If you desire to support this project by providing items in kind (or donation in cash) towards this project kindly leave a comment below and we shall get in touch with you directly through your e-mail.

Everyone of the young kids in this school deserves an opportunity to learn in more conducive environment. This is a clarion call to all of us to do whatever is within our means to give the best to those children.

“Beyond a certain point, which we’d reached, money has no further value. It can’t buy happiness, but it can save and transform many lives” – Chris Hohn

Let’s do this together!

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