‘Bisi Ogunwale is a Cranfield trained, self-motivated young and passionate Nigerian with several years of experience in Financial Services. My interest and focus has been to spur Nigerians and the African youths into positive thinking and active citizenship aimed at creating a better society.

This blog is essentially to put forward my thoughts on topical issues facing our societies. My thoughts would be diverse but more importantly I shall be looking at governance, leadership and relationships amongst our people.

You’re welcome to read my thoughts and my world. I would appreciate your comments and also your constructive criticisms with the sole aim of challenging the status quo and ultimately provoke thoughtful thinking that will bring about proffering solutions to the challenges we face in Africa and Nigeria especially.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. To start with, i commend your sincerity and Ϯћє ability to speak Ϯћє mind of most Nigerians (including me) kudos. If only we can all stand up in one voice and let them know Ϯћє meaning of what they are doing and make positive changes now, how can they feel Ϯћє pains of Ϯћє common man on Ϯћє street? That not posibble, so they should all stop that saying. But its a pity and even a sad feeling that Mr President (sir) has quickly forgotten where he also started from. What should happen to those that don’t have shoe now and they are trying to make ends meet on such note? Am calling on all Nigerian youth to all join force for a positive change for a better Nigeria…… God bless Nigeria!!!

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