Sanmi Awodogan (April 12, 1980 – June 3, 2012). ADIEU MY FRIEND!!!

This is a guess post by Oluwatoyin ‘Bisi-Ogunwale (Nee Oseni)

I met Sanmi Awodogan sometimes in 2008, not too far off but every bit was worth it.

He was a good man full of dreams and passion; even at his struggles he kept on believing and fervently praying for things to get better. He’s such an inspiration and can never be forgotten.

It was on a faithful day, I received an email with well constructed cover letter and resume, I was curious on how he got my email address, so I replied and he truthfully told me I’m a friend to his friend on facebook and on looking through my profile he noticed I work in Human Resources Department of Oceanic Bank. I was really pleased with his resume and I replied that I was just an Intern and didn’t have much power but would try all I could. Oceanic Bank was experiencing peace at that time and was a lot of people’s dream place to work.

Oluwasanmi was a Civil Engineer (University of Ibadan) who turned to a chartered Accountant (ACA), he decided to explore the financial world and contribute his quota to the economy. He was a smart and brilliant man. I tried my best as he passed the aptitude test and interviews, his offer letter amongst others were typed and only for it to be signed by Madam Cecilia Ibru who said there should be a hold on recruitment until further notice. I left for NYSC in Feb 2009 and he wasn’t eventually called.

I felt so terrible because he deserved a good job, his mates were far ahead of him in career and most especially those he coached and helped through school. Sanmi kept believing and managing his one-man small job that barely met his needs.

We both tried to keep in touch and he was still hopeful and believed things would be fine.

To cut the story short, he called me he was getting married and I was full of joy. Also not too long after, he called me that he was in USA for the birth of their Son and that he’s also preparing for CPA exam which would make him a Certified Public Accountant and luckily for him he had secured a white collar job with one of the best and biggest bank in the world, Citibank in Baltimore.

I was extremely happy for him because his aspirations came to reality. Anytime we chat or speak, he’s always telling me to be PRAYERFUL, that God can change the situation of man overnight. He also told me to always be truthful in anything I do. He motivated and encouraged me. I believed so much in him and asked him for advices on career and marital issues.

I joined Citi a few months after he did. His first mail to me read thus:

“How are you doing? Welcome to Citibank. Citi never sleeps, so let’s keep being motivated and give a WOO WOW WIN experience @ all time.”

Still while away and out of his busy schedule, he tried his best to secure a good and cheap hospital for me in Maryland US when I wanted to give birth to my daughter which I didn’t eventually use. He told me to say the truth when I’m asked at the embassy if I’m pregnant which was what he and his wife did at the time they got their visas. I informed my husband of his help and he couldn’t say thank you until he’s no more.

He used to call my daughter his daughter-in-law whom he didn’t meet. I was looking forward to seeing him again before his untimely death.

He came to the country for about 2-3 weeks and headed to Abuja for his friend’s wedding and death struck on his way back. He died in the Dana Air Crash of Sunday, June 3, 2012.

So sad!


The last time we saw was late 2010 on a cold evening while at work during a weekend, he came to my office with his wife to say hello to me with a cup of hot beverage and snacks. I can never forget the cheerful face of that day,

If only one could see beyond the day, one could have interpreted his frequent change of display pictures and statuses on blackberry to that of his special friends who have one way or the other impacted his life as he’s bidding us goodbye.

Last bb status: “Forward…Omololu Adebamigbe…alako 1 of ako plus brain…tanx 4 d encouragement always…THANKS for all…can’t forget!!! UNABATED!!!

His last tweet: @sanmiexcels The fact that I grew up with you, doesn’t mean I have to grow old with u…time is critical to your dream!!!

Twitter profile -@sanmiexcels !everywhere God is!
God’s own son! An Engineer who turned a professional Accountant…Building a career in Finance and Accounting to positively affect my generation! BE POSITIVE

Sanmi was passionate, optimistic, hardworking, energetic, proactive, loving and caring man and who also believed so much in God. He was cut down in his prime and couldn’t live to enjoy all that he laboured for to the fullest.

I give God the glory that he was able to achieve something in life which wasn’t a wasted effort in the long run. He’s survived by his Wife and Son.

Oluwasanmi Awodagan will be greatly missed by all.

May his soul and those of others involved in that tragic air mishap rest in perfect peace (AMEN).

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5 thoughts on “Sanmi Awodogan (April 12, 1980 – June 3, 2012). ADIEU MY FRIEND!!!

  1. I met Sanmi on Becker CPA facebook while he was looking for a way to be a CPA in 2010. Due to his nature, he was someone that easily warmed people’s hearts. You can’t resist him, he was very likeable and passionate. I had to send a facebook message to him to explain the process of becoming a CPA and from there we became friends. I remember his wife, Kike, asked me how could we be friends while we’d never met. He was truly someone who was in every sense likeable and with his zeal, you cant but be his friend. I have not seen someone as ambitious as Sanmi. Anyway, he explained that he just got to the States and his wife had a baby a day after they got to the States. In 2011, we talked about him moving to MD for greener pastures, he did, we eventually saw and he was getting better with his future. My memory of him was when he followed my wife and I to our church event, 2011 Biazo Ball, he had a lot of fun and was on his blackberry sending messages to Kike all through.

    Lo and behold I saw a name exactly like his when the list of the casualties came out. I though it could not be him, I immediately sent him an email and lo and behold no response, I struggled to convince myself it was not his name but, Sanmi had a unique last name and that got me worried.

    Lo and behold, Sanmi was nomore. What a great loss. My condolence to Kike, and Oluwajoba, their son. He was really fond of Joba. I hope that God gives Kike the strength to get through this difficult time. Kike, know that God sees each tear that falls and He hears you when you call.

  2. i was looking through the before and after pictures of the Dana air crash victims on Google and could not believe the picture i came across. it was sanmi’s picture :(. i tried so hard to convince myself that it wasn’t him but as i searched out a long time diary of mine i found a picture we had taken with our classmates in the ICAN days.

    sanmi was such a mature mind,cool and calm.i remember,we used to go home together with many of our classmates in his friends blue bird.we would stuff ourselves in the back of the car..i was really hoping to meet you again after the last time i saw you at bodija. seun alade,moses,bisola ilupeju will never believe that such a wonderful friend has left us. my condolences to your wife and son. John 5:25,26.

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