GEJ: The Man Whose Job I Do Not Envy.

A disclaimer will suffice before I move forward….

I am not a card carrying member of any political party and not a politician for that matter. And calling me a ‘GEJ apologist’ will be very uncharitable and wrong. I did not vote him and have always criticized him. I request you to read with caution and open mind.

Now let’s continue…

The issue of Israeli security experts coming to secure Aso Rock as put in this report has generated a lot of comments and opinions. However, my question to you all is: do you think GEJ deserves all the sticks he gets? Or do you think Nigerians don’t like his personality? Or is he simply grossly misunderstood?” If you think the job of a president (especially in this present Nigeria) is easy believe me you need to have a major rethink. I must confess I don’t envy Jonathan’s job right now and I sincerely pity him.

Let the truth be told. The security operatives we currently have in Nigeria CANNOT fight the budding terrorism in the land! I make bold to say that the Police, SSS and even the military do NOT have the wherewithal to contain the growing rate of terror and insecurity in my dear sorry country. This why in my opinion the decision to bring on board the Israeli security experts is a very good one because they are coming from an environment where they are more experienced about issues of this nature.

However, I have a problem with the report because it said they are meant to be supervising Aso Rock security. Why Aso Rock? The report made it look like our President has sought personal protection and also for his palace. This perception is what was responsible for a lot the criticism from the Nigerian youths on twitter this morning. I say this because some have argued that the next attack target is not known hence the need to protect the Villa. This again, I want to believe in my opinion is not Jonathan’s intention.

My fellow Nigerians, in my humble opinion I do not think Mr. President deserve the sticks given to him this morning as I reckoned he must have been misquoted by the press (and if not, then we are in serious trouble).  The sad reality is that our security are ill equipped and poorly trained. It will take time to get our security all primed up to combat terrorism squarely, so should Jonathan sit and fold his hands while Abuja gets bombed or should he get instant measures to safeguard lives while a long term solution is reached? I guess the latter makes more sense. We can’t combat terrorism on our own. It’s a global fight. We don’t even have what it takes to combat it. Being the President, he cannot come out to say the army or police is poorly equipped. However, sad as that is, it is the reality of where we are as a nation. In my opinion, while I admit this man has his short comings, he has been so heavily criticized beyond what he deserves on this particular issue.

In my humble opinion there are some despicable evil forces that are bent on making this country ungovernable just to discredit current administration and we (Mr. President being number one) are all falling for it. One of the wanted Boko Haram members recently declared wanted by SSS, was said to have been arrested and released before, precisely in 2007. Such a person should have been closely monitored since then to follow his every move. We have also heard reports of an Army General allegedly aiding the escape of a Boko Haram suspect.  These cases buttress what we already know: the cancerous rot in the system. I do agree that the rot cannot be cleared in the less than 100 days GEJ has stayed in office but we MUST told by GEJ and his security chiefs what is being done considering the billions of Naira being spent daily on Security. Lest we find the whole country is turned into a theatre for bombing war. The rot is everywhere and I believe we all have to work together to fight it.

Please do not get me wrong. I am not against criticising this administration. In fact, some readers who know me very well would be wondering if I have jumped ship to Jonathan’s camp. I have not! Criticisms are healthy for growth, but I’m afraid it is going in an unwanted dimension now in so many quarters. Nigerians have to be aware of some of the systemic rot and know that we have a battle to fight. And not fall for these renegade elements who have resorted to banditry and brigandage all the time.

Terrorism is not the regular armed robbery case. It is very complex, organized and sophisticated. We need technology, expertise and collaboration. Mr. President you MUST make ordinary citizens buy into national security if we must progress at all. This can only be achieved if citizens have a sense of belonging in your government else it won’t work. The complexity and sophistication of these terrors reiterate the fact that we should seek foreign support if that is what will help us nip it in the bud. If it is the Israelis that we need to jump start our fight against terrorism then I don’t see anything wrong in it because if we allow this thing to brew, we will be doomed for a very long time. If we wait for our own security apparatus to “grow up”, I’m afraid we will be in for more bloodletting.

First we need to do a reality check to see what we have on ground and how efficient they are. The security units need to self cleanse to get rid of saboteurs amongst them.  Our security personnel need to be retrained and also made to go through refresher courses from time to time. They must also involve ordinary Nigerians in intelligence building. We need to also invest in modern intelligence hardware. We need to seriously and urgently look at creating a proper citizen database. Talking of database I wonder why we can’t develop any of the existing ones  – INEC, National ID Card, NCC & Telecom SIM Registration.

Our border is one of the most porous in the world. We need not just competent and trusted security personnel to man them; we also need to use hi-tech surveillance devices. Can our security provide that as we speak? The answer is No! This is the reason why we must all sign-on to national security operatives. Everyone must be a stakeholder. Just the way it is in the developed world.

We need to continue to push GEJ and his administration to do more. However, I believe we have to do it as scholars and not as Politicians. The opposition politicians, including out of favour PDP people are taking advantage of unsuspecting masses. Now Nigerians criticize just about everything that come out of the stables of GEJ. The danger in this is that at some point, the man will develop thick skin and might think – oh yeah, after all, they never see anything good in what I do.

The media have been hijacked by some disgruntled self-serving interests, so instead of proffering solutions and supporting the government, they see it as an opportunity to further discredit the government. We are threading on a very dangerous path! I fear greatly that militants will erupt elsewhere to discredit the next government too because we seem to be sowing a very dangerous seed.

In closing, I hope someone close to Mr. President sees this and relay the message. Nigerians have elected you to govern and provide solutions to the increasing problems of this country and it is only when you have done that or seen to be doing just that, that we Nigerians will start believing in your leadership. It’s time to roll your sleeves and get to serious work. GEJ, I don’t envy you at all!!!

I love my country, Nigeria! I know the potentials of this country and with that I come to you in the belief that this country will be great again.

May God Bless Nigeria.

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10 thoughts on “GEJ: The Man Whose Job I Do Not Envy.

  1. Can we bring in a new president from Saudi Arabia please pending when our own leaders undergo the required training to lead us right? You lie on your bed the way you lay it. People ain’t criticizing GEJ, they are only pointing out what was so obvious before the April polls but our people, in their usual dis-illusion, choose to paraphrase as “my vote was for GEJ and not for PDP”. Did I hear the presidency say they now know the sponsors of the horrendous bomb blast at the UN? Same story…let them name names if they truly knows jack. GEJ was the C in C when Military men took it upon itself to smuggle in a “dead president” from the airport in abuja into Ask rock without his consent. What did he do? He kept quiet and the NSA and co kept their job. You can’t give what you don’t have. If someone is sabotaging my administration as a president, I will deal with such elements decisively. Ask Cameron and Obama and they will tell you the same. If GEJ choose to retain Ringim and Azazi after all these killings and maiming, why should I pity him. His lack of balls is fast becoming obvious and his greatest strength, luck, is rapidly deserting him. Come 2015, elite Nigerians should vote for “All the best instead of PDP”. The people gets the kinda leader they deserve.

  2. Olabisi, I disagree with you some bits… And I d like to state categorically that the inefficiency of security is due to corruption”which is the bane of our society”…. Where is all the security Vote to SSS, Army and even the presidency… If those money are well expended then they still can’t perform, then we will exonerate GEJ. Bt if he looks like a doodle while our Security Vote are Channeled into personal Security Vault. Then he needs his head re-examined

  3. In as much as we have contradictory views here,all i think we all want is a BETTER NIGERIA. WAT we need seems to be gettin far and far.we are no longer in an era where we keep words from those that need to hear it like us all.wat are the bold steps been taken by GEJ to tackle Nigeria’s problem.moreover,why must silence be employed when we really dont need it?if those behind these ugly acts that hinders Nigeria’s transformational blocks,why cant they be spelt out rather than been hand shoved?the stage we are in now,if things seem difficult to be implemented,why cant the media be used and at every steps taken, Nigerians should get the latest info and latest challenges accruedable from the actions?i think with these,we wil Infact see people bringing productive opinions and peoples participation in developing this great country wil really be should be known that a coin has 2 faces,wen one is seen and a pleasant result is not seen,its better to check the other side.NIGERIANS need full update and not the initial news then final blockage of what is happening. God bless Nigeria.peace

  4. Hi Bisi,I think u really need to think again about GEJ deserving all the sticks he gets.maybe u r saying that I should get part of it or who?he is d president of this country for God’s sake.his recent isreali action points to the fact that nothing tangible has been done on this Boko Haram case irrespective of the no of bombs that have been going off in other nothern parts killing innocent citizens.this is certainly an eye opener to us all so when you read comments like “we wuill get to d root of this and all that”,nothing will happen till the issue threatens aso meaningful individual has been arrested or asked to say what he knows about Boko Haram yet we all know that their sponsors live within us.I suggest u should take off this piece or rewrite it to maintain what you are know for.hiring isreali experts for aso rock is cowardis of the highest order and should not be defended by any simply has added to our list of out-sourced items/services.shame of a nation.

  5. Nice piece Bisi but not very convincing, GEJ ought 2 av knwn d hitches in our security system &creatively design measures to perfectn, His decision was too hasty and very partial on Nigerians.

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