Why Should God Help Nigeria?

I know a lot you would be wondering what kind of topic I have chosen but seriously we need to ask ourselves sincerely and honestly why should God help Nigeria?

I have deliberately decided to ask this question because every time I discuss with a typical Nigerian about the daily life problems we face in this country I can almost be certain that the last comment he or she would finish the conversation with is “only God can help us in this country”.

While I am not oblivious of the fact that God can actually save Nigeria I struggle to understand why he should and would. Why should God help a collection of people who have refused to speak up collectively against the indiscriminate profligacy, looting and laundering of our commonwealth by the government? Why should God help us when a lot of people intentionally decided to be wicked to fellow men by taking advantage of their position and status in exploiting the unsuspecting and disadvantaged public?  Answer me. Yes you! Why should God help Nigeria?

Why call God’s name in vain when you know exactly what and what not to do? I am particularly worried because millions of my people out of abject poverty have been very gullible to fall for cheap miracles which really have not led them (indeed the country) to any successful end so far. My people have been so brain washed that they forget their civic responsibilities and turn it to be God’s.

Let me categorically say that we can continue to wish away the issues of daily challenges we face because of the ineptitude of our leaders bolstered by our own nonchalant attitude but make no mistake a wish will remain one unless acted upon.

For crying out loud what exactly is really wrong with us in this country? Why should God safe Nigeria after giving us all the resources (both Human and Natural) he bequeathed to us, even in abundance? What help do we want again? Or do we want God to come down from his heavenly throne to start feeding us individually? A lot of the time I wonder what more does Nigeria need that she doesn’t have?

I have always maintained that bad leadership, greed and lack of proper planning are responsible for the present conditions in the land. However, I like to address the excesses and inadequacies of the public as well. How can you continue to say may God help Nigeria when you as a person is not helping the country? Do we need God to come down to tell a driver that he or she is not supposed to drive on the wrong side of the road? Do you need God tell you that engaging in business and personal activities that tarnishes the image of the country is not good? Did God push you into fraud, forgery and falsification of documents? Haba! Why then do you keep crying “God should save us in Nigeria” when you not helping the process?

I struggle to understand why a man can continue to seek God’s help but he continues to do the wrong things. I do not need God to come down from heaven to tell me that I have to stop when the traffic light turns red neither do I need God’s help in making sure that I have to drive a car that has complete papers on the road. I honestly cannot fathom why a man needs God’s help to understand that collecting and giving bride does not help the country. I find it very amusing when people seek God’s help and they find it so difficult to help a fellow human being.

Do I need God to tell me to leave for any and every appointment I have in good time such that I do not have to be driving recklessly just because I am late? Does one really need God’s help to know that public infrastructure and properties are for the benefit of all and so much be judiciously used in such a manner that it would benefit the public? I do know that I do not need God’s help to work in accordance with my term of contract unlike what is obtainable in our public service here in Nigeria where people come to work only to do basically nothing but demand bribes to do what they were actually employed to do in the first place.

How do you explain to God that a country that has earned over $350 billion petrodollar since independence still has over 70% of its population living below poverty line of $2 a day? I don’t know how you intend to convince God to let you harvest crops since Nigeria has neglected Agriculture for Oil! Perhaps you can tell me how you want God to take up our prosecution in dragging Bankole and others like him to jail since the dark spectacle wearing anti-graft boss has suddenly gone mute!

Hasn’t God saved us enough? Never have I heard or seen any major natural disaster happen in this country. However, I cannot count the number of man-made disasters most especially the Police not to mention politicians and the people. Yes! Nigeria Police is a disaster! I only wonder how God will safe Nigerians from our supposed mai-guard! How dump can we be if we believe that we have a Police Force? Or do we expect God to send the angels down to the work of the Police? Do I need God to tell me that throwing dirt and waste into water ways is wrong?  Do I need God to tell me that I shouldn’t park wrongly or does God need to send his emissary to stop a man from building his house on the water ways?

The problem with us in Nigeria is we are getting too religious yet full of hypocrisy. In fact hyper-hypocrisy is what we suffer from! I have said this before and I’ll continue to say it that it is sheer madness to consistently do something same way over and over again with the expectation of different outcomes. Our inanity has led us to believe that all we need is a miracle and so all we now do is troop to worship centres day and night irrespective religion! How does God save a set people who do not work but only pray? Unless this God you guys want His help is different from the same One I know only then will a parent who tells his or her child to lie in order to achieve selfish objective will get help.

What happens to us trying to do the right things first before we seek God’s help? Why don’t we try to be active citizens who are interested in the way and manner the economy of the country is being run. Perhaps if we drop this docile and nonchalant attitude and make concerted efforts in making right the wrongs the generations before us has committed. Maybe if we can begin to think and act like ones who truly and sincerely deserve God’s help by doing what is expected of us as law abiding citizens in our individual capacities.

Perhaps if we repent from our wicked and evil ways to live and act like this country is our collective property in such a way that we treat each other with respect. Maybe when we begin to inculcate the habit of working hard as active citizens striving to achieve greatness and creating positive impact other than looting and defrauding businesses and government we can begin to seek God’s help!

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9 thoughts on “Why Should God Help Nigeria?

  1. God they say helps those who help themselves! God has helped us(Nigeria) from the start by giving us natural, human and mineral resources and have taken away all all forms of natural disaster but unfortunately we have failed to help ourselves rather have plagued ourselves with human inflicted disasters! May Nigeria help herself!

  2. The truth of the matter is that, there are many Nigerians, like you and I who will do the right things no matter the situations they find themselves in, Should God not help Nigeria because of such people? God was going to help Sodom and Gomorrah if He could just find 10 people who were doing the right things…We have more than ten right thinking and right doing Nigerians.

    1. @esta, You echo my point, God will continue 2 help Nigeria bcos of the over 100million individuals who get up daily and go to work from 6am till 8pm, a work that pays only N1000 or less a day, that he is not sure he will even have 2morrow… yet he gets up everyday and still goes to work!
      The no of evil intentioned pple here are far less than the rest of us! when we realise that we break free!

  3. Sheer madness? is to consistently do a thing same way repeatedly in quick succession with the expectation of different outcomes.

    C’mon it’s TOTAL MADNESS.

    If it were to be that dragging God into our affairs would eliminate abject poverty, death zones in the name hospitals, GULLIES as roads and CRATERS in the name of highways, private owned electric turbines to replace PHCN, ha!!! LOOTING of public funds and still go for thanksgiving….LOL.

    Then NIGERIANS pray ye this day the host of heaven and angels to gather ASPHALT to tar our roads, re-brand the Atlantic to do the functions of PHCN, bring back the days of the PLAGUE for LOOTERS.

    God will not do for MANKIND that which HE has given MAN the CAPACITY to DO!!!!! Shikena !!!!

  4. hmmmn, very interesting. I am short of words. U av done justice to a large extent on a very sensitive issue. We nigerians are just very gullible. Until we open our eyes n mind, n embrace what is ongoing wt a clear head……we av a long road to trek ahead of us!
    Hehehehe….God help us!!!!!

  5. You know what Bisi, God would read this post and shower down abundant blessings on you for articulating his heart. This is something every Nigerian should read. Societies that practice sodomy on a worse scale than the account of Sodom and Gomorrah have infrastructure and policies that work because they apply themselves to certain principles without waiting for a miracle. Most of them don’t even believe in God – yet their societies work. This is not to justify atheism or give unbelievers a pat on the back, but people need to realise that Faith without Works is DEAD. (i’m glad @jesseoguns suggested my Twitter account to you, now ff back)

  6. nice piece bro, the christian faith itself says FAITH WITHOUT WORK IS DEAD. How else will God help us asides all the manifold blessings in potentials and resources (human, capital, technical, mineral, natural, etc) that He has blessed us with?

    Actions, Analytical actions, must precede God’s HELP.

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